Director of Engineering

  • Location EMERYVILLE, CA
  • Department Technology
  • Team Engineering
  • Employment Type -
  • Position -
  • Requisition GH1722287

What you'll do at


What You'll Do:

  • Train and coach team members, leaders and individual contributors
  • Understand business strategy, create OKR to create alignment, propagate and implement
  • Work with Product Managers to grow business, improve KPIs, launch and optimize products
  • Manage multi-site teams of up to 100 engineers
  • Partner with other engineering teams across Walmart to complete joint project and leverage each other’s strengths
  • Build a culture of growth that rewards curiosity, good judgements, act and adjust fast, and look for ways to do better.
  • Manage budgets responsibly
  • Manage to compliance in a business-savvy manner
  • Reporting to VP of Engineering


  • ­­­­­­­­­Proven track record of mentoring, growing, hiring high performers and potentials
  • Experience working with Product Managers and Project Managers (must know the difference) in how to launch products, optimize, and grow business
  • Demonstrate the ability to deeply understand problems, find feasible options, form POVs based on good judgements, and capable of executing the solutions.
  • Possess a strong software engineering and architecture skill to facilitate team discussions towards a strong and defensible POVs
  • Experience in running a service-oriented & customer-facing site
  • Experience in building partnerships with other key leaders in other functional areas such as Product, Merchandising, Marketing, and Operation.
  • Passion to learn & coaching others to learn
  • Communication skill to distill complex issues into sharp core concepts and solutions.
  • Bachelor degree or better

Nice to Have

  • Computer science or engineering degree
  • eCommerce experience
  • Willing to relocate to Omaha
  • Experience in the following technical stack:
    • Cloud Platform (Azure, AWS, GCP)
    • Node/React
    • Microservices
    • Java Enterprise
    • NoSQL DB (Cassandra, MongoDB, etc.)
    • Relational DB (MySQL, Oracle, etc.)
    • In-memory DB (Redis, etc.)
    • Data lake and streaming (Kafka, Hadoop, RedShift, Snowflake)


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