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Design Data Analyst, Design & Innovation, Fulfillment Engineering

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What you'll do at

The Design Data Analyst, Design & Innovation, Fulfillment Engineering is responsible for detailed data analysis to support the design of next generation solutions (machines, processes, work stations, etc., automated and manual) and facilities for use within the extended Walmart e-commerce fulfillment network (including Walmart sortable, Walmart Non-sortable, Jet Sortable, Jet Fresh, Sam’s Club, Hayneedle, Shoebuy, etc.). Your ultimate goal is to lower Variable Cost Per Unit (VCPU) and Total Cost Per Unit (TCPU) in order to support the growth of the e-commerce fulfillment network.

Challenges you’ll be tackling

Finding truth in the numbers:  Numbers used incorrectly can lead to worse decisions than using intuition or experience alone, so you will define, clean, and analyze data in a rigorous way.

Ensuring zero-defect analyses:  Errors in datasets are inevitable, so you will work collaboratively with field engineers and on-site management and associates to ensure data integrity and validate correct conclusions.

Communicating your insights:  Too much data can be overwhelming or paralyzing, so you will distill the information into the appropriate medium for each audience, from design engineers to simulation scientists to business analysts to senior leadership. A key part of this will be to build visually appealing dashboards and associated reports

Predicting the future:  Basing future designs and processes exclusively on data from existing designs and processes is inherently limiting, so you will extrapolate and make responsible assumptions to support out-of-the-box next gen designs and ideas. As such, you should be comfortable with advanced multivariate statistical methods to crystalize complex data.


You will be responsible for generating sources of truth of current processes, system performance, order characteristics, etc. to support the data-driven design of new solutions and facilities. 

Lead the thorough analysis of the impact(s) on the entire business of new solutions and designs, including but not limited to the following: impact to throughput and cube, sensitivity analysis, risk analysis, total expense (fixed and recurring), Return on Investment (ROI), Variable Cost Per Unit (VCPU) impact, Total Cost per Unit (TCPU) impact, usable life and/or end of life analysis, replacement/removal costs, transportation costs, timing considerations, etc.

Ensure the accuracy of your analyses by implementing zero-defect checks in your process, thorough documentation, and validating data integrity with on-site operations management and field engineers.

Provide presentable datasets and/or the appropriate summary metrics to design engineers, to speed their iterative design process.  You will research and provide ad hoc analyses to project managers establishing the baseline metrics for the next gen solution’s business case. 

“Close the loop” in validating the results of the pilot or new design with data of the new process, bridging where necessary to the full roll-out.

How you’ll know it’s right

Judgment ­- Make Sound Judgments - Uses objective financial and business analyses to evaluate the returns and risks of design choices. Analyzes and integrates trends and patterns to determine the root causes of problems and identify solutions. Evaluates short- and long-term implications of decisions. Accurately forecasts growth, costs, and business challenges. Identifies and applies sound, fact-based criteria in setting priorities and making decisions. Looks beyond symptoms to determine the root causes of problems, and identify and implement applicable solutions. Integrates knowledge and expertise in making fact-based recommendations and decisions.

Influence and Communicate - Develops and communicates logical, convincing justifications, including lessons learned, that build commitment and support for one's perspectives and initiatives. Builds diverse, high-performing teams that accomplish organizational changes, goals, and priorities. Develops vision and strategy that is clear and easily articulated.  Ensures strategies, change initiatives, and competitive information are communicated in clear and compelling ways. Listens to, leverages, and promotes the diverse ideas, perspectives, and contributions of others across the business.

Execution and Results: Ensure Execution and Achieve Results - Conveys a sense of urgency to complete and achieve goals. Pursues the achievement and alignment of measurable and meaningful goals. Prioritizes and balances time, actions, and projects to ensure accomplishment of results.

Adaptability: Demonstrate Adaptability - Demonstrates resourcefulness and resilience in the face of change, obstacles, and adversity. Adapts to competing demands and shifting priorities. Updates knowledge and skills to handle new complexities, challenges, and responsibilities (for example, seeking out training, learning from experience, researching best practices, new emerging technologies and companies that can be leveraged for future solutions). Seeks exposure to new ideas and perspectives. Sponsors programs and initiatives to improve adaptability and continuous learning capabilities in own organization.

Build Relationships: Build Internal and External Relationships - Builds and sustains trusting, collaborative relationships and alliances across functional, organizational, and geographical boundaries to achieve goals. Sponsors initiatives and programs that promote respect for, interest in, and support of associates. Ensures associates are treated in an accepting, respectful manner.


Travels domestically to and from Hoboken, Bentonville, San Bruno and all Walmart and Jet facilities or work-sites to participate in meetings, workshops, company events, etc. requiring overnight stays. (Percent of travel = 50% or more)


  • Bachelor's Degree in one of the following fields: Statistics, Data-science, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering/Operations research
  • 0-2 years of professional experience or relevant internships in a highly analytical, data-intensive and/or strategic role at a startup or management consulting firm
  • Proficiency in SQL, Python, Excel, and Access
  • Basic understanding of distributed storage/computing methodologies/tools: Teradata, Hadoop, Spark
  • Proficiency in any of the commonly used dashboard tools such as: Tableau, Klipfolio, Looker, Dash etc.
  • You should be able to point us to something you’ve built or analyzed you’re proud of

Bonus Points

  • Working in e-commerce
  • Master’s degree in statistics or data science
  • Simulation/Model building experience especially using commercially available tools such as Flexsim, Anylogic, Demo3D etc.
  • Proficiency in R, MATLAB

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