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What does a Supervisor do? 

  • Provide personal development and performance management of all levels of the team (ex., Team Leads, Sr. Specialists, and Agents). 
  • Communicate in a timely and effective manner (i.e. managing emails and communicating critical updates with the appropriate delivery).  
  • Direct the daily flow of the work assignments and tasks to the team. 
  • Develop a monthly and weekly strategy plan to support company and departmental objectives. 
  • Align activity to meaningful goals that produce sustainable results in conjunction with overall company and departmental strategy. 
  • Conduct a weekly strategy meeting with Team Lead to discuss priorities, goals, and objectives that drives performance for every team member. 
  • Conduct a bi-weekly 1x1 with each direct report to discuss overall performance, behavior, and provide coaching for improvement. 
  • Complete regular touchpoints with each direct report to follow up on commitments and check-in on work. 
  • Daily review of KPIs and performance reports to see outliers and provide feedback opportunities for team and agent development (i.e. set priorities, goals and plans to address deficiencies). 
  • Identify trends and processes that are negatively impacting the member, associate, or merchant experience and provide recommendations for improvement. 
  • Understanding and address training gaps within the team (seek ways to develop, coordinate and facilitate training's for sustained team and individual improvement).
  • Ensure information is retained and implemented. 
  • Foster an environment that promotes team morale through teambuilding, teamwork, and recognizing/celebrating success. 
  • Conduct huddles and calibrations weekly to improve performance and address issues within the team. 
  • Utilize coaching tracker to organize, document and maintain a profile of each direct report- focus on the overall performance of each employee, including, but not limited to opportunities, strengths, and keep engaged in the process of performance management. 
  • Ensure information is retained and implemented. 
  • Disseminate critical updates of business processes and initiatives to the team 
  • Manage team attendance, payroll, and other administrative tasks.  
  • Maintain reasonable, consistent, and predictable attendance.  

What competencies do leaders look for when hiring a new Supervisor 

  • Judgment: Use Appropriate Judgment 
  • Customer/Member Centered: Focus on the Customer/Member  
  • Planning and Improvement: Plan and Pursue Team-Based Improvement 
  • Influence and Communicate: Increase Commitment 
  • Adaptability: Quickly Adapt  




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